What is the difference between composite and uPVC doors?

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When you purchase a new door for your home, you’ll want it to look good and offer great security. It should not be a door which is easy to break into by intruders and burglars. In addition, the door should promote high energy efficiency by having good insulation properties.

If you’re looking for affordable doors that are also high-quality doors, then two popular choices right now are composite doors and uPVC doors. Each type of door has its own special qualities in terms of strength, affordability, and design. The one you choose will depend on which attributes you’re looking for in a door.

Composite doors are manufactured from several different materials, such as wood, glass-reinforced plastic, polyvinyl chloride, and insulating foam. They’re designed specifically to address the problems which uPVC doors are unable to handle. Composite doors can even be made to look like natural materials, such as wood, and you’ll have several different colour choices available. So, if you care about aesthetics, then your composite doors will still look just like any other timber-based door.

Also, composite doors offer superior strength and security to your home. They also have a high-density insulation core which promotes a great amount of energy efficiency.  The only downside to composite doors is their price tag. Compared to uPVC doors, composite doors are the more expensive option. If you don’t mind paying the extra money, then you should choose those doors.

uPVC doors, also known as unplasticised polyvinyl chloride doors, are a more affordable type of door. The uPVC material is a form of plastic which is sturdy rather than flexible. It is often used to manufacture window frames and pipes, but it works great for doors too.

uPVC doors look good and require very little maintenance. They might not be as secure as composite doors, but they are a great option if security is not an issue for you. uPVC doors are a more affordable insulation solution too. You can save almost as much money on your energy bill as you can with composite doors.

Therefore, the best choice would be composite doors if money is not a factor. But if you’re on a tight budget and need a replacement door right away, then uPVC might prove to work out better for you.