What are casement windows?

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Casement windows are basically like window doors. Instead of sliding the window up and down, a casement window opens outward and closes inward just like a door. There are one or two side hinges which attach the window to its frame. The hinges are typically located on the outside of the frame. When you want to keep the window open, there is a metal bar attached called a casement stay. This bar allows you to keep the casement window open or closed.

A lot of people consider casement windows to be beneficial to a home. Since they open outward, you don’t need to worry about having enough space inside your home for them. Just make sure you have no obstacles or objects on the outside of your window. If you install casement windows on a second story or higher location, then you shouldn’t need to worry about obstacles getting in the way of opening the window.

Let’s examine the benefits of casement windows. These will help you determine whether they’re right for you.

1) Great Ventilation

Casement windows provide the best ventilation compared to any other type of window. You’ll have a much larger opening for air to get through, so catching a nice outside breeze can be felt by everyone in the room. 

2) Great Security

When casement windows are closed, there are hook-shaped locks that are fixed into the frames. These locks give your windows additional security that they won’t necessarily get with other windows. If you’re worried about getting your home protected from intruders, then think about casement windows as a good method of home security.

3) See More of the Outdoors

The one annoying thing about most windows is their muntins. These are those vertical and horizontal strips which divide the glass panes of the window. If you’re trying to look outside the window, these strips get in the way of your view. Fortunately, casement windows don’t use as many of these muntins as other window types do. This means you’ll have a better view of your outside environment.