How big can a conservatory be without planning permission?

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If you’re planning to build a conservatory as an extension of your property, then you may need planning permission from a local planning authority. This is part of the neighbour consultation scheme where the local authority consults with the neighbours next to your property about the development you’re planning. If there are objections to the construction of the conservatory by your neighbours, then the local authority determines whether these objections are valid in relation to the impact on the neighbouring properties.

Building a conservatory does not always require planning permission. In fact, you don’t usually need to receive planning permission for the average conservatory development project. However, there are certain conditions which must be met in order to avoid planning permission. Ever since May 25th, 2019, the U.K. government has eased a lot of these conditions so that bigger extensions for conservatories can be developed without planning permission.

For example, if you own a semi-detached home or terraced home, then you can build a conservatory addition without planning permission if it is no longer than 6 metres. If you own a detached home, then you can develop an even bigger conservatory structure without planning permission if it is no longer than 8 metres.

Of course, you’ll still have the responsibility of ensuring that your structure does not disturb your neighbours or negatively impact them in any way. Under the Neighbour Consultation Scheme, the local authorities will consult your neighbours and hear their objections if any. To avoid the most common objections, here is what you must do to build a conservatory successfully without planning permission or valid objections:

  • The conservatory cannot be taller than 4 metres. But if the structure is within 2 metres of a neighbouring boundary, then its height cannot be more than 2 metres.
  • Over 50% of the garden cannot be covered by the conservatory.
  • The top point of the conservatory’s roof cannot be taller than the roof’s eaves.
  • Any side extensions cannot stick out more than 50% of the home’s width.

All conservatories are considered extensions under UK law. Your local planning authority can answer any additional questions you have on this process. But if you can follow the standards above, then you shouldn’t need planning permission in most cases.