Misted / Cloudy Glass Units

Misted / Cloudy Glass Units Reading, Berkshire

At Tailormade Windows, we offer full and comprehensive Replacement Double Glazing services, covering the replacement of glass and units. With years of experience and no end of satisfied customers, we are fully experienced in all aspects of double-glazing repairs. Our process typically involves measuring the existing fitted glass and replacing the glass with a sealed unit to the exact dimensions of your window to ensure a perfect fit. Regardless of whether you require Replacement Double Glazing Glass or Units, we can offer a complete service in a tidy and courteous manner.

A lot of the jobs we undertake are as a result of homeowners wanting to update / upgrade their existing frames in line with modern insulation standards. The benefit of undertaking this is this considerably reduces the quantity of heat lost through your windows which can be up to 20% of the total heat you lose in your home. The great benefit is this can save you money on your heating bills in the short and long term and ensure your property is working in a more energy efficient manner.

We value your health and safety whole heartedly so we will take away your failed unit and ensure that the glass is recycled once taken out.

In general, our offering of services include:

  • Re-sealing of drafty windows.
  • Re-lining & setting of dropped uPVC doors.
  • New hinges, handles and locks.
  • Easing & adjusting of stiff windows & doors.
Replacement Double Glazing Glass

We offer full Replacement Double Glazing Glass services and we carry great experience in in all types of glass repairs and replacements for domestic and commercial properties. Our service offering for this is such that we are able to supply and fit most types of glass for a variety of different windows, doors and roofs. Given the nature of this work, we ensure the glass we fit conforms to the very highest standards of health and safety. We are in turn able to do this to any size or specification you require.

Replacement Double Glazing Units

When a unit may have come to the end of use or even failed, you will see water ingress between the glass, causing it to mist up. In changing to a new unit you will rid this ugly look and ensure you windows are able to hold your properties heat better in the winter months. We are able to offer fast and efficient unit replacements and we can also replace any type of glass you may have had in the past. It is our intent to bring your windows back to life in both look and function.

Should you have a Replacement Double Glazing requirement on your property, speak to us first. Please contact us today direct on 01189 305 757 or by email direct to Tristian, our lead fitter at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.