French and Patio Doors


French Doors Reading

French doors can make a dramatic difference to the appearance of your home. The traditional two-door design is a popular favourite in modern homes as well as in older properties. They can provide a feeling of openness, freedom, and relaxation at the same time. You can look out the glass door panelling and see your entire backyard and all its additional features, such as a patio, swimming pool and garden. A lot of health studies have proven that people are happier and healthier if they get to see more of the outside while they’re indoors. These studies must be true because all our customers are happy with how much sunlight and green scenery comes through their doors. When you hire Tailormade to replace your regular doors with French doors, you’ll be able to make the most of your living space and maximize the opening to the outside. On top of that, our French doors are bound to increase your property value too.  Homebuyers just love French doors because of what they offer and the fact that many newer homes don’t include them anymore. But if you have our French doors installed in your home, they will certainly stand out on the market when you finally go to sell it.
Patio Doors Reading

As with all our quality products, there is a full range of colours and finishes available for our French doors. Choose colours and finishes which match your home’s windows perfectly and create a unified look for its appearance. Adding real value to your home is the main goal here.

Do you wish to include side panels and patterned glass with your French doors? If so, we have plenty of panel and glass options available to accommodate everyone. You will have no problem creating a personalized look for your property with all the choices that we have available.

French doors can be fitted to open inwards or outwards, depending on the space that you have available. Aside from the style and elegance of our doors, they’re also made to offer complete security to everyone and everything inside your home. The doors are strong and stable without compromising any of their aesthetic appeal. They make it very difficult for intruders to get inside your home. Also, the insulation of the doors means that your indoor heating and air conditioning won’t seep through the side cracks. This will save you money on your monthly power bill. 

If French doors are not what you’re looking for, we also offer other types of replacement door styles. Some of which include Bi-folding doors, Composite doors and Patio doors. Click on their links to find out more information about them. The quality of these doors is just as good as the quality of our French doors.

Do you prefer the classic sliding patio doors as an alternative to the French doors? Tailormade can install high-quality sliding patio doors which incorporate the latest technology in sliding door innovation. Our sliding patio doors are not only durable, but they glide easily on the tracks and provide you with easy access in and out of your home.

Patio doors will open your walls up, transform your living space and give it a real ‘wow’ factor. Sliding patio doors are a simple and cost-effective alternative to bi-folding doors too. They don’t take up as much living space while still providing you with plenty of sunlight and view of your backyard.

Their high specification patio doors come with multiple locking points, built-in anti-jacking system, reinforced profile and high-performance hardware, and a 10-year product guarantee against wear and tear.

As a reminder, our other replacement door styles include French doors, Bi-folding doors and Composite doors.