Double Glazing/Replacement Windows in Wokingham

Sliding sash or commonly known as a sash window has become a highlight of the UK’s architectural heritage. These windows were introduced in the late 1600s and were mostly found installed in Georgian and Victorian style houses. Today, sliding sash windows still do not fail to impress individuals with their simple yet elegant design. The majority of homeowners prefer to invest in these windows by using more sustainable and lasting materials.

Over the years, a lot of innovations have been made to the design of sash windows. However, a typical sliding sash window consists of two sashes instead of a hinge. Sash is the moveable part of the window that slides up and down. The window can be opened from the bottom or top or even through both ways. The upper and lower sashes of the window are held together by iron or steel weights suspended on a cord. Although a traditional sash window doesn’t tilt, today, some of these windows even have a tilt and turn configuration.

There are mainly three distinct styles of sliding sash windows. These are Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian and each type differs based on the grid-like design of the window. A classic sash window is made from wood only, but due to reduced durability, they are being built from other materials. Unlike wood, uPVC, aluminum, composite is used for making sliding sash windows. It is because such materials neither rot nor shed upon exposure to harsh climatic conditions or corrosion.

So if you are thinking of installing sash windows, then the following information might be helpful for you:

What Are The Benefits Of Sliding Sash Windows?


Unlike typical windows, it is very convenient to upkeep a sliding sash window. It is because these windows can be cleaned easily due to their sliding configuration. If these windows are built, from uPVC then you hardly have to spend money on their maintenance. It is because uPVC neither rots nor flakes.

Good Ventilation:

When it comes to building or renovating houses, ventilation is the primary concern of every homeowner. At times people end up increasing the dimensions of the window frames to make the room more airy and comfortable. Well, with sash windows you no longer have to make such modifications which can be risky for the house exterior. The presence of two movable sashes with locks present at both ends helps in generating a good air current. This way your house will not only be cool in summers but will also receive proper daylight to keep you healthy. 

How Much Do The Sash Windows Cost?

The cost of these windows fluctuates based on several factors, for instance, size, style, glazing, and material type. If wood is used for their construction then it can cost you a lot. It is because their average price ranges from 1000-1800 pounds plus the installation charges and maintenance required in the future. While the prices seem to reduce drastically in the case of uPVC and aluminum that are more durable and lasting than wood.

So if you live in Wokingham and are thinking of a window replacement, then call tailormade windows immediately.