Double Glazing/Replacement Windows in Tadley

Double Glazing Tadley

Double glazed windows can provide a whole new look to your home. Not only do these windows help you become energy efficient, but they also create a whole new aesthetic appeal to your house.

Double glazing windows have two panes of glass instead of just one. The two panes are separated with a space in between that creates a vacuum between the glass. By having double glazing windows installed, you can enjoy better insulation inside your house and have lower noise transfer to and from the outside. If you are one who enjoys their privacy, then double glazed windows can be a great investment for your home.

Before you invest in double glazed windows, here are a few things that you should look out for:

  1. Amount of Space

Every double glazing window is different. The amount of space between the two glass panes usually falls between a range of 6mm to 20mm. Depending upon what your priority is, you can have your installation company adjust the amount of space. For insulation, you should have at least 12mm of space between the panes. If you want significant noise reduction and acoustic control in your house, then you should have more than 150mm of space in between. However, having such a large gap between the panes may result in lower insulation.

If your main priority is energy efficiency, then you can opt for a space anywhere between 10mm to 20mm.

  1. Filled Space vs Empty Space.

As mentioned earlier, double glazed windows have a space between the two panes of glass. However, the real question is whether this space should be filled or left empty. If your main priority is insulation for your home, then you can leave the space empty and allow it to create a vacuum automatically. If you want optimal acoustic performance, then it is recommended to use a gas to fill the space in between.

In most cases, the space will contain a drying agent to remove any moisture that may be trapped in between and a gas such as argon.

  1. Type of Glass

As with other windows, double glazing windows can be made in a range of different glass materials. If you want your double-glazed windows to provide increased energy efficiency, then you can opt for low-e glass that acts as a great insulator. If your main concern is noise reduction and acoustic performance, then laminated glass can be a great choice.  

  1. Framing Material and Sealing

Apart from the type of glass you use, you also need to ensure that the framing material contributes to the thermal and acoustic properties of your double-glazed windows. A common problem encountered by customers is that they report not having enough benefits of their double-glazed windows. The most common cause of this is a standard aluminum window frame that is a conductor of heat and cold. To prevent this, you should have your window frames thermally enhanced.

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