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Tailormade installed replacement Tilt ‘n’ Turn windows use clever engineering to offer the ultimate in versatility. A turn to the handle once and the window will tilt inwards, opening at the top and providing ventilation. Close the window and turn the handle upwards and the window opens inwards from the side, offering a large open space and plenty of airflow, and letting the outdoors into your home.

The fact that the tilt ‘n’ turn replacement window opens inwards sets it apart from regular, outward-opening casement windows, and makes it ideal for customers for whom an open-out window is simply not suitable because of space restrictions.

The tilt ‘n’ turn replacement window is the perfectly versatile year-round product, offering plenty of light and fresh air during the summer months, and providing superb insulation or gentle ventilation in the winter.

Other replacement window styles include Casement windows and Sliding Sash windows.

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Tilt & Turn Windows Reading